How to Pick the Trendiest Evening Gown

You are getting dressed up for a happening formal party and it would be natural to feel restless about the whole evening quite in advance. It would really be a nerve wracking exercise to pick the right evening gown which would be equally trendy and unique. Moreover it should reflect your personality and features as well. If you want to look extra-ordinary and dashing, it would be better to select the evening gown well in advance to avoid the last minute rushes.

Evening gowns are the best attires to show up at a formal party with all the elegance and charming looks. They continue to dominate the choice list of every woman who wants to bright up their grace. The gowns have stayed a long time with heads high even in the ever changing world of fashion. However, trends and styles also bring in many changes in the evening gowns with exciting colors and designs. The all time favorite hues of white, red and blacks give the ravishing appeal to the person wearing it.

Certain things should be essentially considered while purchasing the gown like the perfect silhouette that suits your body structure, appealing colors matching your texture, comfortable fabric type, trendy accessories and above all the price that would come within your budget. The most important thing is to pick an evening gown that would bring out the best of your glamor along with the matching accessories. Generally the elegant choker or a fur wrap and metallic ornaments are season friendly and go along well with most types of gowns.

Fashion and style changes according to the season and it would be best to get a clear idea about the current trend before purchasing. The main attractions of this season would be gowns with definite waistlines, slim waistlines, sexy corset necklines, cascaded ruffled gowns with satin lined chiffon fabrics. For younger girls ball gown with corseted bodice or lace-up back would be a fabulous choice. Even the ball gowns in catwalk designs have remained as fashion favorites. The Cinderella ball gowns have come up through all fashion alterations and still remains as a favorite.

For getting a sexy yet still covered look, you can go for gown in satin or lace. However, the black couture evening gowns would give you a gothic style glamorous look. The same couture gowns with open back would surely provide a stunning look for you. The black bubble fashion gowns made from taffeta have been recognized as the designers favorites recently. Such type would look more gorgeous with strapless designs. For getting more stunning look, you can go for a silk black gown with empire waistline and a bow on the backside of the dress.

Once you get a clear idea about the recent fashion statements, you must plan to buy the dress some days in advance. Selecting the gown in a hurry would only bring you trouble and may end up in selecting something too plain. Also if you buy the dress in advance, you can do the alterations without any rush. The best choice would be to go for an off the rack evening gown.

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Wedding Gown Trends for 2007 – Fresh Looks Straight from the Wedding Gown Runway

Each fashion season, wedding gown designers come up with new gown styles. With every wedding gown that comes down the runway, a new trend emerges. This season, wedding gown designers made updates to classic styles and created new details that define modern wedding chic. To make the most of your debut as a fashion forward bride, learn the latest wedding gown trends and decide which fashion will fit your wedding.

Straight from the runway, here are the hottest wedding gown trends for 2007:

Flowing Silhouettes

One of the biggest trends this season is wedding gowns featuring a flowing goddess-like silhouette. These gowns have loose billowy skirts with flowing fabric that create a dreamy quality. Many of the wedding gowns that have flowing silhouettes also feature a dropwaist, which creates the illusion of a longer torso. These gowns are not only beautiful and elegant, they are also very comfortable. Brides who choose wedding gowns with flowing silhouettes will be perfectly dressed for a destination wedding, an outdoor wedding or a casual affair.

Fit and Flare Shapes

Fitted bodices with flared skirts are making a comeback in wedding gowns. Unlike the trends of past seasons, wedding gown fashions moved away from the ballgown look of a fitted bodice with a full rounded skirt and instead brought a fresh look with a fitted bodice and skirt with a flared hemline. Mermaid hemlines, bubble skirts and trumpet skirts were all prevalent in wedding gown designers latest collections. Tiered skirts were another fresh look and featured tiers of lace, chiffon and other lightweight fabrics. Brides who wear gowns with fabric tiered skirts will add a touch of whimsy to their wedding.

Sweetheart Necklines

Another hot look for wedding gowns this season is the sweetheart neckline. A sweetheart neckline is shaped like the top of a heart – a detail that is inherently charming and romantic. The sweetheart neckline adds something different to the bodice of wedding gowns because it gives a curvy and interesting shape. Sweetheart necklines can be complimented by almost any type of sleeve, but on the wedding runway, they were most often paired with sleeveless gowns and A-line or flared skirts. For brides that want to give their wedding gown a romantic flourish, a sweetheart neckline is just the thing.

Fabric Embellishments

This season, brides are making a fashion statement with fabric. Instead of a strong prevalence of beading, rhinestones, or other accents, fabric is the method du jour for adding detail to wedding gowns. The wedding gown runway featured gowns with a wide range of fabric embellishments, from delicate draping to more dramatic ruffles and fabric flowers. Ruffles, ribbon, ruching, gathering, pleats, fabric flowers, and draping are all popular details for this season’s wedding gowns.

As the bride at your wedding, you are the star of the show and all eyes will be on you. Your wedding gown is a reflection of your personal style; so create a modern look by choosing a wedding gown that has the latest updates. Now that you know the most current wedding trends, you can choose a wedding gown that truly shows off your good fashion sense.

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Shopping for Plus Size Wedding Gowns: How to Find the Best for That Special Day

A wedding gown is probably one of the most important purchases a woman makes in her lifetime. This is an entire line in the women’s fashion segment and designers have succeeded in creating fabulous designs to match every taste. In the past, the gowns were designed with a slender figure in mind with the accents and styles made to flatter only the small- and medium-built women. But through the years designers have become aware of the growing market for heavy-set women. Plus size wedding gowns are now part of the regular offerings of fashion houses worldwide.

The entire wedding ensemble for the bride begins with the bridal lingerie. It is recommended that brides have separate lingerie to match their wedding gowns and to wear for their honeymoon. For plus size wedding gowns, it is best to focus on the functionality of the bridal lingerie. Department stores that offer plus-sized clothing should also have a selection of undergarments. The bridal lingerie should depend on the style of the wedding gown. One should look for undergarments that lend a good silhouette while being comfortable enough to wear for long hours.

For selecting and purchasing wedding gowns, plus size brides can coordinate with their local bridal salons. These salons usually have a wide stock of gowns and they have information on the best sources of plus size gowns. The Internet can also provide tips on where to buy wedding gowns and on how to select the perfect plus size gown. Fashion designers now have online stores that offer a wider range of items to choose from. Many designers actually have plus size models wearing the gowns to give shoppers an idea on how a certain style or design would look on a particular body type.

After gathering information on where to acquire bigger size wedding gowns, heavy-set women should then focus on selecting one that hides the flaws of her figure while emphasizing her good points. Sleeveless, strapless or haltered gowns would not suit plus size women who usually have large upper arms. They should wear cap sleeves or opt for a lacy jacket with longer sleeves to wear over the gown. Larger arms can also be camouflaged with short lacy sleeves. Puffy sleeves may be an option, but they should not bind the arms.

Walking down the aisle in a stunning wedding ensemble is every marrying woman’s dream. Size must never be a hindrance to looking your best in this momentous occasion. For full-figured women, plus size wedding gowns are now more readily available and their wedding days can no longer be ruined by a hopeless search for an appropriate wedding dress. is the place where full figured beautiful people find the latest ins and outs on plus size wedding gowns, plus size clothing and fashion

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Iconic Oscar Gowns – Fashion School Picks For the Top Ten Most Memorable Dresses

From year to year, it’s hard to remember which movies or actors win Oscars. But one thing we can’t forget is the fashions – the ones that make us swoon in admiration, and the ones that make us gasp in horror. With our panel of fashion school experts, let’s take a look back at past Academy Award ceremonies, and remember the red carpet gowns that made even bigger headlines than the winners.

Nicole Kidman, 1996. Before she strode down the red carpet in her Chinese-inspired gown by John Galliano for Dior, Kidman was known primarily as Tom Cruise’s wife. But it all changed that night. No one had ever worn chartreuse before. No one had worn an Asian cheongsam. No one even noticed Cruise.

Gwyneth Paltrow, 1999. Winning as Best Actress for Shakespeare in Love, Paltrow was the belle of the ball in her pink Ralph Lauren. Some fashion critics thought it was too big for her, but when she glided across the stage to accept her Oscar, she looked like Hollywod royalty.

Elizabeth Taylor, 1970. In a violet blue Edith Head creation that matched her eyes, Taylor stole the show; but it wasn’t just for the dress. She was also wearing a 69-carat Cartier diamond around her neck.

Halle Berry 2002. Berry’s burgundy gown by Elie Saab, with its tulle top and silk embroidery, was one of those dresses that redefined Oscar fashion design. This was not just another beautiful dress, but a fresh new look that has been endlessly copied since.

Lizzy Gardiner, 1995. The Oscar-winning costume designer for Priscilla, Queen of the Desert created a gown for herself made of 254 American Express Gold Cards. It is probably the only dress with an intentional sense of humor that has been widely admired as well.

Julia Roberts 2001. When America’s sweetheart won her Oscar for Erin Brockavich, she wore a black vintage Valentino with white trim that made her a winner before her name was even called. Pretty woman, indeed.

Sharon Stone, 1996. One of the most polarizing looks ever, Stone paired a black mock turtleneck tee from the Gap with a Valentino skirt. While some felt the actress was mocking Oscar fashions, others felt she showed innovation. This wasn’t the first time Stone had shown a flair for combining a closet basic with a designer piece. In 1999, she topped a Vera Wang skirt with a white dress shirt of her husband’s.

Audrey Hepburn, 1954. Before the days of red carpet paparazzi, Academy Award fashions were not that well documented. It’s a testament to the beauty of Hepburn’s belted, floral dress by Givenchy that it remains one of Oscar’s most timeless gowns.

Cher, 1986. Cher joked that she had read Oscar’s manual on how to dress like a serious actress when she donned a midriff-baring Bob Mackie number with a voluminous black, feathered headdress. Say what you will about her fashion choices, our fashion college experts agree that Cher makes watching the Oscars fun.

Bjork 2001. As Joan Rivers remarked in her fashion commentary the day after the Oscars, Bjork was a smart entertainer because she and her swan dress were featured in every newspaper. Her look was roundly ridiculed, but publicity-wise, the singer had the last laugh.

These ten red carpet icons show that the Oscars are more than just an awards ceremony. It’s the biggest fashion show of the season.

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Bridal Gown Fashions

Choosing the right Armenian Wedding dress for the bride is one of the biggest and most important parts of planning any wedding. It can also be one of the most nerve-wracking. Obviously, a bride wants to honor the traditions of her family and her culture when she selects her gown. But she also wants it to be something that really reflects her as a person.

Here are some of the top fashion concepts that are popular for brides today. This is by no means and exhaustive list, but it should be enough to get you started!

The Classic A-line Dress. These wedding gowns are designed for a concept of traditional elegance. The A-line dress works with almost every body type. It usually has a defined waist and torso that branches out into a medium to very full skirt at the hips. These dresses say ‘I am a lady’.
The Ball Gown. This is the princess wedding dress, make no mistake! These are usually the most lavish of wedding gowns. The feature a very full skirt, and often a formal train. Detail work is usually included on the skirt, train, and bodice. They also typically come with the largest of the bridal gown price tags, but they make a very impressive show. These are for the bride who wants to make a truly grand entrance.
The Sexy Wedding Dress. There is a trend towards sexier bridal gowns today. Woman are more and more wanting to show off their curves and feel like all eyes are one them as they walk down the aisle. Depending on the families and the culture, a sexy wedding dress may not be the best choice. However, if this is what the bride wants, there are dresses that show the belly through see-through fabrics, exceedingly low backs, deep v-necks, and curve embracing silhouettes that can be fitted perfectly for a very desirable bride.
The Mermaid Silhouette. This is one of the most popular wedding gown styles. The mermaid dress hugs the body from the top all the way to the knees, or sometimes ankles, where it flairs out dramatically, looking like the fins of a sea-woman. These dresses say drama and class all at the same time. There are for bride’s who want to be noticed as a lady of elegance with just a little bit of mischief. Not everyone can wear this shape of a dress however, so it’s best to make sure it really fits well before buying this kind of gown.
Custom Wedding Gowns. Though a custom made wedding gown is often the most expensive way to go, there are several advantages. First, you are certain to get a gown the fits the bride’s shape beautifully. Second, if the family has a tradition of including certain features in the gown, or passing it down to future generations, a custom made gown lends itself easily to these customs.

The biggest thing to focus on when choosing a bridal gown in different Armenian Weddings is that it needs to be a gown that really makes a statement about the bride, her personality, and her sense of self.
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